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There's A Meeting In The Ladies Room  

Sunday, January 18, 2009
Scenario: I was on a double date last week. Everything went great but in the middle of lunch one of the girls says she had to use the bathroom. Then my date just got up and went with her. Why do women always go to the bathroom together? What do you do in there?

Response: There are top secret parties in the ladies room, I am talking V.I.P. here! Okay, seriously there are many reasons women often excuse themselves in groups and head to the ladies room. Here are some possibilities:

1. To go potty! Wow, women actually go to the ladies room to use the toilet. What a concept!

2. Mirror, mirror on the wall...maybe to check our hair, touch up makeup or see if we have food in our teeth.

3. Hygiene. Some people really like to make their dentists proud and at least rinse, if not brush after meals.

4. Strength in numbers! With all the crazies out there do you really blame us for traveling in pairs?

5. To guard the door. The ladies room is not always what you imagine, tons of them a disgusting. There are times when the stall doors are broken and you need a friend to hold it closed and make sure no one interrupts while we do our business!

6. Purse holder! Again, gross bathrooms with no place to hang our purses. It is so not going on the floor!

7. Odd silence. If it's a first or second date, we do not want to be the only woman sitting at the table with the two new guys we do not really know unless we are comfortable. Especially laid back or shy women. Talk about an awkward moment!

8. Plotting how to ditch you. Ouch! I know that's a tough one, but sometimes it is true. Only if it is a really bad date or the chemistry just isn't there. We may plan a way to easily let you down and immediately end the torturous date or kill the "date vibe" to maintain a chance at friendship.

We do not always go to the restroom in packs, it all depends on the moment.
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