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Thursday, January 29, 2009
Scenario: My boyfriend buys me the most ridiculous clothes! He knows I don't wear tight clothes. I don't feel good in them with my body type right now. I don't know what to say without making him mad.

Response: Most men do not know how to shop for female clothing. They do not realize that it is not as easy as picking a size and running to the register. Women are picky and with good reason! A size small at one store may run big or small at another and we all have different curves. This is why you find women using fitting rooms more than men. I'm going to give a few suggestions for your problem, but first let's address your man's gifting habit.

It is true that sometimes men selfishly buy clothing because they want to see you in it, not realizing we are not all celebrities with personal trainers to sculpt us into what some insane person suggested is the perfect body. Other times the man truly just lacks style. However, sometimes a man buys what we may find unflattering because he truly believes we are beautiful enough to pull it off. If this is the case in your situation, you should feel wonderful that your man feels this way about you.

Now, here are a 5 quick suggestions for this problem:

1. Gift card! I am a huge lover of gift cards because you can purchase what you like! It takes out all the guess work. So gently express to your guy that you love gift cards and why.

2. Start shopping together. Once he shops with you a few times, he will start to pick up on your taste and how you determine your sizing, etc.

3. Accessorize! So you don't like the tight dress he gave you? Well, try to glam it up in your own style. Find a cute jacket or sweater to go with it or add something from your current wardrobe that makes you feel comfortable.

4. Strongly hint of other non-clothing items you like. When a commercial airs for a digital camera you like say "Baby I LOVE that camera, it would be great to have one!" and do the same for items you see in stores. Really make it clear that you absolutely love and want these items. He will remember!

5. Wishlist! If your favorite store sells online, they most likely have a wishlist function. Wishlists let you save your favorite items, along with size & color, for later purchase. You can email the list to others to share or print them. Make a wishlist and let him know about it. When he wants to purchase something for you, he simply clicks add to cart and checkout! My guy and I use wishlists and it is great! It makes it so much easier for him to purchase clothing he knows I will love because I picked them out. Give it a try!

If all fails and you continue to receive clothing items you do not like, just let it be. Be appreciative that he is loving and considerate enough to provide a gift at all. After all, it means he was thinking of you and there is no better gift than that!
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